Body Health - Holistic Healing

Your body's healing has its own direction and process. Your body is unique and responds to everything, in its own communication style. It is chatting and informing you all the time.

Function, dysfunction, symptoms, pain are the physical ways it talks. But your thought process, emotional states, behavior and even the dreams you have at night are ways that your body is sharing information with you.

Sometimes your body screams, other times it only whispers and it may just be a nudge. No matter the time of day, your body is always talking to you regardless if you are awake or asleep.

Are you listening?

There isn't a single isolated element whose influence is greater than any other. Your mental processes, emotional states, body function, food choices, environmental exposures, geographic location, weather, solar activity, moon cycles, electrical and energetic exposures are all impacting your well-being.

Healing doesn't require but some innocent curiosity, a commitment to finding better health and some courage to follow your insights and trust in the whole of the process.

I love working with people who are motivated to finding their solutions. It may take some time to locate yours, but your answer is there and it is closer than it may appear at this very moment.

See this article and podcast which will get you started and mobilized towards tremendous well-being