Dreams & Dreaming

It was a long road before I felt equipped with all the skills I felt were necessary to work with dreams. Dreams are complex integrations of a person's hologram which integrates the past, present and future of a person's life. The insight, wisdom and experiences of dreams are possibly a person's best guide. But only if the puzzle pieces can be grasped and utilized.

I have come to understand dreams as the energetic truth. The language of a dream comes directly from a person's unique body, mind, heart, spirit and life. It is a unique language unto each person. While others may have an opinion about your dream and what it offers, only the dreamer holds the key to unlock the mystery and treasures that their dreams are gifting.

Dr. Eugene Gendlin says that if you haven't gotten a completely new energy and life understanding from your dream then your dream has come for nothing. Your dreams are your everyday connection to much more powerful and meaningful places in your person. Why not learn to use all those fascinating, magical and dramatic experiences for your advantage?

If you don't dream and want to - I have loads of ways to get things started. Each dream is so unique and the knowledge I have to share is never the same. Never a dull moment. I also have experience with nightmares/night terrors (my own and others). People are often surprised to learn that repetitive nightmares/night terrors (commonly related to trauma, inner patterns that need to shift or inner knowing and inner warnings) can also be related to food choices/intolerances, exposures or body toxicity burdens.

While I don't know what your dream means, I do know how to navigate this other world so you can find personally valuable insight that will free your spirit to experience a little bit more of what life has to offer. In working with your dreams, you will not only move beyond where you are at this moment, but you will gain the understanding and tools to working with your dreams as often as you like on your own.

Dreams share with you what is happening in your body, thoughts, heart, spirit and life. I draw on my education and experience with body health, psychology, Hypnotherapy and guided imagery, art therapy, intuitive arts (archetypes and symbols in mysticism and tarot), Shamanism, Family and Systemic Constellations and of course my training with Dream Professionals. More than anything, my dreams are my teachers and not a day passes that I am not working with my own.

I welcome you to work with me individually or in my class setting.

Replace your dream dictionary with a real dictionary.
Study symbolism and archetypes with objective reference books.
Look things up in the Encyclopedia and do some research.
Use Idiom dictionaries to get a different perspective.
Consider synonyms, double meanings and "sounds like".
Notice how your body feels when you are in different places.

Dreams can simply be enjoyed or pondered freely. The dreams that grab you are often messages from the soul, those are worth working with. If you don't know how to tell the difference, the dreams that need you will become repetitive or dream story lines will have a common thread.

An organisation you may enjoy being a part of is the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). Their link is:

Authors whose work I found valuable include (listed in no specific order): Jean and Wallace Clift, Patricia Garfield, Eugene Gendlin, Robert Moss, Rodger Kamenetz, Connie Cockrell Kaplan, Karen Signell, Jeremy Taylor, Eve Loman, Ullman/Krippner/Vaughan and Ullman/Zimmerman

Film Documentary "What are Dreams?: NOVA" 2009