Health Recovery

Healing is sometimes frustrating and complex. In today's modern world, health recovery requires not only a proper healthy personally appropriate diet, but demands that many elements be considered such as personal care, personal care products, exposures, geographic location, cleaning products, electrical influences, personal allergens and more.

I draw on what you know about your body. While I have loads of information I let your body and lifestyle guide the direction and pace.

Food choices are pivotal. Imagine what your car would do if you put water in the fuel tank? Or the effect of a USB charge on an electric powered car?

What works is what the body needs and what is appropriate at a given time to help your body shift towards health recovery and best outcomes. Choosing foods that help, avoiding those that hurt and closely following how foods are effecting body function, emotional states and mental function and using symptoms as road signs to adjust, change direction, slow down, stop or keep going. And I never lose site of the options available from modern medicine that are vital to health recovery for certain situations and have a host of safe respectful medical doctors that I refer people to where and as needed. Emotions and thoughts influence body hormones and chemistry, but I don't buy into the idea that illness is the result of emotional or mental failings or unresolved past traumas (my animals have had medical problems and it wasn't because of unresolved family experiences). Nonetheless emotional, mental states and behaviors are important road signs that off a lot of vital insights that guide the health recovery towards positive outcomes. I also know an active fear or need can keep a person gravitating away from the most personally appropriate treatments for healing. Recognizing that fear of needles and finding strategies to manage the fear may allow the body to receive the treatment that it needs for healing to happen. Each person comes with everything and if it isn't showing up in their mind then it is easy to access through imagery, art therapy, dream work, systemic constellations or other divinatory methods. There are so many doorways available for insights and I use the ones that are easy and actively functioning in a given person (if you are a daydreamer I will go with imagery, if you like drawing, then I ask for art, if you dream I will ask what your repetitive dreams are... etc).

The path is rarely something a person has on their bucket list, but with the right guide the experiences along they way become interesting, curious, inviting, pleasant and offer priceless gifts for the rest of a person's life, regardless of the health recovery outcome.

Call me and for free I will have a light conversation to find out if we are a match. If we aren't I will offer a few suggestions and or places to consider. My services pay for themselves for the rest of your life. Private sessions: in person, phone or at your home.