If you have a skin rash or joint pain and eat fast food. Guess what? That hamburger, greasy taco or sugar donut is what you have just given your body to do the repair work. When you want your body to do quality work you need to give it quality supplies. Quality supplies are whole, natural and organic foods and do not include herbicides, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics which mass production uses to falsely increase quantity and volume while sacrificing quality.

Body symptoms and illness have the body's full focus all the time. Any and all exposures (ingested, inhaled, skin dermal entry) influence your whole body while going straight to the injury and go straight to the injury. Your choices will increase problems, improve healing or will be the supplies your body uses to make the repairs.

For those with more serious auto-immune disease conditions, the consequences are poor personal food choices are even more concerning and devastating.

America has the best technology, one of the richest countries and yet it has the sickest population in the world. We should be the healthiest and happiest. Americans are the sickest and also the most depressed. Look around, watch what people eat. What are you eating? What is your body telling you? What does your body need?

Each person's dietary needs are entirely different. Just swapping out your foods for organic choices produces healing. Other times you need to fine tune and determine what foods are healing for your body and which are causing setbacks. The healing foods for one person will NOT be the same as for another. Just because a food is natural, organic and in season doesn't mean it is healing for your body.

It is important to identify the sources of aggravation to remove them while simultaneously increasing those resources that are helping your body. Let's figure out together what it is your body needs to heal and find a way to make it happen so you can get your life back and get back to living. I look at the big picture of your lifestyle, budget, food choices, supplements, herbs for healing and the best option for your body (tea, tincture, capsule, whole plant, extract or homeopathy), personal care & personal care products, exposures and more.

Shouldn't we all be as vibrant and happy as Sandrine and her baby? Your life and well-being are worth the investment. Call for a free 20 minute light conversation to find out if you will benefit from working with me. My services will pay for themselves for the rest of your life. Private sessions: in person, phone or at your home.